Stuff that works: Withings Body+ smart scale

Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 9:32 PM UTC

I am late to the party using smart health gadgets. I am using Apple Health to track my health conditions for a while now, the Apple Watch almost constantly attached to my wrist. One of the metrics I didn't track was my weight. I've seen reviews of the device I want to introduce to you but I just recently grew extended interest for it. Since this device was discounted now on Amazon, I grabbed the Withings Body+ smart scale for only 70 bugs.

As an Apple user I appreciate a great unboxing experience and I wasn't disappointed with this device. Solid packaging, easy unwrapping and a simple quick start guide. I believe a device is good when I don't have to study a huge manual before operating it. This device is from this category.

Power it on, install the Withings app and add the device, following the steps on your smart phone screen. My wife did this, too, and so we added our profiles to the scale (up to 8 profiles supported). It's using Bluetooth for the initial setup but later on it stores all measurements locally (up to 16 per profile) and then finally synchronises the data via WiFi.

The Withings app (the scale works with Android 10+, too) is its own health app but fully integrates with Apple Health in both directions.

The scale automatically recognises the person that is standing on it and then fully stores the data to your health app. This is so convenient as you usually do not have your smart device (phone, watch) with you when standing on the scale. To get the full measures you should stand on it barefoot to identify the person and measure BMI, fat, water and several other data I didn't even know of before.

Overall I am impressed with the simplicity and build quality of this device - plastic body, but hard glass top, supporting up to 180kg. This particular model was already introduced in 2017 but its successors do not really come with additional features - so I think this is a bargain even today.

The only thing to complain about is the accurate numbers this device records - I need to keep an eye on those... Goofy

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