Again Apple proves that Homekit is the most unreliable smart home service

Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 9:42 PM UTC

All of the sudden, again the Home app stopped working after months of happiness. Reddit is full of this problem for years, the most recent I found is this:

Out of the blue all my devices are not responding - although they work perfectly fine in their corresponding apps. Event native Homekit stuff such as Hue or Vocolink devices do not respond anymore. I run my own smart home server(s) here for various systems such as Homematic or WLED. All are connected using ioBroker, and I also run Homebridge for anything that doesn't have native Homekit access. Homebridge also exposes Broadlink devices and my robot vacuum from Mi. But this is not the problem: everything works fine, can be controlled with an app or directly from ioBroker or Homebridge. 

It's just the Home app that does only show this since a few hours:

What I tried to fix it

I turned off and on again ALL my Homekit hubs. I have 2 Apple TV and 4 Homepod minis that can act as a hub. Nothing changed. I rebooted all iOS/iPad devices, I even tried my iPadOS 17 beta iPad - all the same. It's not a OS issue, it's a Homekit issue. This is interesting as Homekit does not even rely on internet access, it works locally. There were no updates installed or anything else - it just stopped all of a sudden.

The problems go further: I have a ton of shortcut automations such as turning on and off charging pods for my phones and other convenient devices based on time or battery levels. Also Siri commands do not work anymore obviously. I know: 1st world problems.

But it really annoys me that Apple still is not able to make Homekit a reliable system for your smart home. If I had to choose, I won't use it as the only system. Actually, people who buy devices that natively work with Homekit (and not anything else like Homeassistant or ioBroker) are wasting their money. They spend money on something that has the worst implementation and stability.

Added a new home

I just did a test run and added a new home to Homekit using a separate instance of Homebridge. Homebridge is using a single config of the original environment, in this case my ceiling fans using the Broadlink plugin - and here we go. It works, so my default Home config is broken - for whatever reason. So I guess I have to re-create it again. I lost count on how many time I did this before...

Small update: I am not even able to create a new home after I removed ALL. I cannot add bridges or devices since "they are already added" - Apple, your smart home is dead.

Apple, do your fucking homework...

...and fix those issues that are there for ages!

Do not provide us with useless stuff in your software like Emoji-shit, lock screen porn or anything else useless stuff you recently released with the current and the upcoming OS. Do not even get me started on macOS Ventura, which also is the worst release since Catalina.

Your hardware is nice but your software sucks!

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