Quick-Tip: Resource Aggregation on Domino 10

Friday, December 14, 2018 11:22 AM UTC

I just noticed a problem - or at least a different behaviour - with Domino 10 and the resource aggregation feature of an XPages application. If you ever have a problem with aggregated resources such as Javascripts and CSS files not being loaded (entirely) then remember this post.

The scenario

Just create a new NSF, a blank XPage and one or two Javascript libs (client side). Then add those libs to the XPage. In the source tab, copy the resource part that loads one Javascript and modify the filename to something that just does not exist in your NSF. Make sure resource aggregation is turned on in the XSP properties. Build the project and open the XPage in a browser.

The problem

The aggregated resources won't be loaded entirely because of just a single resource missing. This behaviour is different from a Domino 9 (FP7) environment, where the server resolves all resources perfectly, leaves out the missing one and then successfully generates the aggregated content. Domino 10 answers with a 404 error.

If you want to reproduce it or give feedback if this is also the case on Domino 9 with a feature pack (8-10) then just grab the small test NSF here: https://gitlab.com/obusse/thisandthat/blob/master/resagprob.nsf

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